‘Live From My Car’ Series, Episode 1 – Longest Day

A little backwards, but thought it best to post the initial video from this idea I had.
I had begun having my guitar (my little Briarwood) in the passenger seat with me. I had been playing more and more, and longer and longer gigs, I needed to build up a portfolio of covers, as well as write and practice original songs.
I brought my wee axe along with me, and any free time I had I played.
Annoyingly, arm/leg/guitar room in my little Nissan Sentra is tight. So the head-stock kept banging on the window. Rather than give up, I pressed the guitars head into the window, and carried on. The effect was a notable ‘clarity’ improvement in the instruments sound. I recorded this initial experiment, to see how it translated. And this is that first video.
I think I will do more and more recordings, my own music, and covers.
Its a great therapy, way to review performance characteristics, and share my song with as many people as possible.

‘Live From My Car’ series, Episode 2 – Factory

I have begun playing my guitar in my car.
This may sound strange, but, with the general hustle and bustle of daily life, having a family, full time job, and being an active musician, time for ANYTHING is hard to come by.
My car is a quiet and solitary place. And at night, as the lights of stores and parking cars flicker past my eyesight, I find myself in a joyful place. Even if for a mere moment.

The Happenings of a Singer Songwriter


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